Top 5 Astonishing Famous statues of India that will make you surprise 2024

Famous statues of India

India a country rich in its cultural and architectural diversity has a lot of statues that are world-famous, to see the iconic representation and architecture of these statues people from the world travel to India to see them. So, in this blog we are covering the most famous statues of India you must visit if you are traveling to India.

Famous Statues of India

1. Statue of Unity, Gujarat

Statue of Unity | famous statues of india
Statue of Unity | Photo by- Abhinav Bhargav

When it comes to famous statues of India first name, we hear is world-famous 182 meters tall “STATUE OF UNITY”. Located at the bank of the Narmada river in Kevadiya colony, Gujarat A state in India. It was constructed in memory of India’s first vice prime minister “SARDAR VALLABH BHAI PATEL” and named as Statue of Unity because he dedicated himself to uniting all the 562 princely states of the country to build the Republic of India.

Statue of Unity is the world’s tallest statue ranging its height about 182 mt (522 ft) which appx 4 times taller than the famous Statue of Liberty. It was fully constructed in total 33 months costing appx $430m.

If you plan to visit the Statue of Unity make sure you also visit Sardar Sarovar dam, Valley of Flower, Nuka Vihar, Cactus Garden, Ekta nursery, Children Nutrition Park, Dino Trail, etc. Also, don’t forget to catch the bird’s eye view of the surroundings of the site from the height of 400 ft. 


8:00 AM to 6:00 PM daily (Closes on Monday every week). 

Entry Fee: 

INR 120 for adults & INR 60 for Kids. You can book your tickets from their official website

Location: Sardar Sarovar Dam, Kevadiya Village Narmada, Gujarat. 

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How to Reach Statue of Unity: 

  1. By Road: NH8  
  2. By Train: Vadodara Railway Station. 
  3. By Air: Vadodara Airport (nearly 90 km from site) well connected through roads. 

Best time visit:  

The best time to visit the Statue of Unity is in the Cooler months of October to February. 


  1. Valley of Flower 
  2. Arogya Van. 
  3. Butterfly Garden. 
  4. Cactus Garden. 
  5. Ekta Nursery. 
  6. Rafting. 
  7. Sardar Sarovar Dam. 

For more information visit official website of Gujarat tourism 

2. Adiyogi Shiva Statue, Coimbatore.

Adiyogi Shiva Statue | Famous statues of india
Adiyogi Shiva Statue | Photo By- Vijay Ahir.

Adi yogi Shiva Statue is another famous statue of India located in Coimbatore a city of Tamil Nadu, India. This famous statue of the Hindu God Shiva is 35-meter-tall, 45-meter-long, and 7.7 meters wide. The statue was recognized by Guinness Worlds Records as the largest Bust Sculpture in the world. 

The Adi yogi Shiva Statue is designed by Sadguru Jaggi Vasudev which is made of steel that weighs around 500 tonnes. It is located at Isha Foundation made by Sadguru at the foothills of the Velliangiri Mountains. This statue has been listed in Incredible India Destinations. You can visit this place for amazing and peaceful views. 

Official Website:  Isha foundation


6:00 AM To 6:00 PM 

Entry Fee: 

Free to All 

Best Time To visit Adiyogi Shiva Statue:

You Can Choose any month suitable for you to visit this place. 


112 Feet Adiyogi, Mahashivratri grounds, Ishana Vihar Velliangiri foothills, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu 641114, India.

How to Reach Adiyogi Shiva Statue: 

  1. By Road:  You can reach there by Bus as Statue is 32 km from Coimbatore Bus station. 
  2. By Train: Coimbatore Railway Station is 30 km from Adiyogi Statue. 
  3. By Air: Coimbatore Airport is 42 KM from Adiyogi Statue and is well connected. 

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3.Thiruvalluvar Statue, Kanyakumari.

Thiruvalluvar Statue | famous statues of india
Thiruvalluvar Statue | Photo By- Bhoopati.jpg

Another 41-Meter-tall Saint Thiruvalluvar statue located on small island at the coastline of Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu. This statue is standing on 38 Feet high pedestal made by Tamil Nadu govt in 2000 In honour of Famous Tamil Poet & Philosopher Saint Thiruvalluvar. 

Designed and crafted by V. Ganpati Sthapati in such A way that each dimensions of the Thiruvalluvar Statue Symbolises Thirukkural A famous creation of Saint Thiruvalluvar, as 38 feet high pedestal symbolize 38 chapter of virtue and 133 feet height symbolizes 133 chapter in thirukkural respectively. 

You can explore this famous world statue while you are in tour of Kanyakumari city. 

Official Website:

Timings of Saint Thiruvalluvar Statue: 

8:00 AM to 4:00 PM Every Day.  

Entry Fee of Saint Thiruvalluvar Statue: 

INR 20 Per Person.

How to Reach Saint Thiruvalluvar Statue: 

It is situated 400 meters away from mainland on an island so it can be easily accessed by ferry. You can choose road, railway Air to reach city of Kanyakumari and then you can make your journey ahead to Saint Thiruvalluvar Statue by ferries. 


Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu. 

4. Tathagata Tsal, Buddha Park of Ravangla, Sikkim. 

Tathagat tsal sikkim | budhha park | famous statues of india
Tathagat Tsal Sikkim | Photo by Arnab Daripa

Buddha Park also called as tathagata tsal situated in South district of Sikkim have enormous, beautiful 130 feet (40m) high statue of Buddha. It is also known as India’s highest statue of lord Buddha. It was fully constructed in 2013 making 6 years of time to complete. 

It was made by joint venture of Sikkim Govt and People to enforce the tourist attraction and Buddhist knowledge and beliefs for mankind. The Cho Djo lake is also situated within the complex surrounded by forest making the site extreme beautiful. Make sure to plan a visit to this Place while visiting Sikkim next time. 

Official Website: 

Best Time to Visit Tathagata Tsal: 

Best time to visit this place is during April to June, But if you are snow lover and want to explore the amazing place during winters the best time is September to November as you will see amazing view of snow covered Himalayan ranges.

Timings of Tathagata Tsal: 

9:00 AM to 6:00 PM each day.

Entry Fee of Tathagata Tsal: 

INR 50 Per Person. 


Buddha park Ralong Rd, Ravangla, Sikkim 737139 

How to Reach Tathagata Tsal: 

  1. By Road: Well connected via Road network you can hire a taxi and go there, located 80 km from capital city Gangtok.
  2. By Train: It is located 118 km(73mi) from Siliguri Railway Station, well connected via the road network.
  3. By Air: Bagdogra Airport has situated just 126 km from the site, it is well connected via the road network.
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5. Jatayu Earth centre.

Jatayu Earth Centre | Famous Statues of India
Jatayu Earth Centre | Photo by-Questra.experiences

Jatayu Earth Center, also known as Jatayu Nature Park is located at Chadayamangalam in Kollam district of Kerala. It stands at an altitude of 350m above the mean sea level & spans over 65 Acres across 4 hills.

It was designed by Rajiv Anchal to symbolize legendary bird Jatayu in Ramayana. Jatayu Nature Park holds the distinction of having the world’s largest bird sculpture.  

It comprises a 6D theatre and a museum inside the bird sculpture. You can reach at top of hill by cable car and experience and explore the hilltop view and iconic scenery on nature, also all thanks to helicopter taxi to provide you enchanting top view from air drive.

Things to do at Jatayu Earth Centre:

You can do vide range of activities here, if you adventure junkie you can engage yourself in adventures activities like Burma bridges, commando nets, log walk, vertical ladder, chimney climbing, side jhoola etc

If you came here for trekking and camping you can do that too, along with all these mesmerising activities you can also experience Ayurveda, live kitchen to make your trip more memorable and unique.

Official website:


10:00 AM to 5:00 PM daily

Jatayu Nature Park Entry Fee

Jatayu Sculpture & Cable Car

  1. Adult: Rs. 400
  2. Senior Citizen: Rs. 360

Jatayu’s Nature Park Paintball fee

Paintball needs a minimum of 8 people. Total charges are Rs. 9440 including GST

Jatayu’s Nature Park Adventure Games fee

Jatayu nature park adventure games fee is Rs. 590 per person.

Best time to visit Jatayu Earth centre:

You can choose any time best suitable for you to visit here, but avoid visiting in monsoon season as there might be chances of injuries during your adventures activities.


Jatayu Junction, Jatayu Nature Park Rd, Chadayamangalam, Kerala 691534

How to reach Jatayu Earth centre:

  1. By Road: Kollam Bus Station is just 40 km from the site.
  2. By Train: Kottarakara & Punalur Railway Stations are nearest 23 km & 25 km respectively from the site.
  3. By Air: Trivandrum International Airport (TRV) located 51.2 Km from site and well connected via road network.
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