How to Travel Bali on a budget Trip in 2024(Ultimate Guide)

how to travel bali on a budget

Bali is a Paradise for Budget travelers without losing the Royalty. Bali is one of the most popular destinations in Indonesia and a hub for travelers, yoga lovers, Surfers, Beach Lovers.

Although it is often busy with tourists, Bali is still surprisingly Budget-Friendly if you are pre-planned. Depending on your style of living, I estimate $ 40-50 USD a day for a good budget and a comfortable journey in Bali.

I suggest you read our Bali Ultimate Travel Guide Here, to get more Knowledge about Bali and its Tourist places so you will have some idea on which place to visit.

Here we tried to give you the 7 Day Trip to Bali which is budget-friendly, approx $400 for solo travelers, you will cover most of Bali by reading this blog on how to travel Bali on a Budget.

What to Expect in Bali

  • Language: People of Bali used to speak Indonesian, Balinese, and English.
  • Currency: The Currency of Bali is the Indonesian Rupiah, if we compare it with 1 USD that is equal to about14,306.40 Indonesian Rupiah.
  • Credit Cards and ATMs: There are lots of ATMs in Bali’s main towns like Ubud, Uluwatu, and Canggu. as long as you’re not eating at local ‘warung’ restaurants, cards are widely accepted here in cafes and restaurants but I will recommend you to have some cash for an emergency.
  • Safety: Bali is one of the safest places to travel in Indonesia, But the thing is Bali’s roads have much traffic in peak season May to October
  • Rental Cars: Bali can be more Budget-friendly if you used to explore Bali by renting cars, bikes, and scooters.

Here are my tips on how to travel Bali on a Budget

Sim Cards Price in Bali

Apart from the Flights and Visa, the first and the most important thing you need to do in Bali is to purchase Sim Card, Bali offers Cheap SIM cards that cost from 8 USD to 10 USD depending on the data you need. Most of the SIM cards come with a validity of one month. For $10, It had 10GB of data which will work almost all over the island. From the top of Mount Batur to the bottom of Kellingking Beach. Ignore airports for the SIM as they can be rather expensive to get from local vendor shops.

Beware of Overpriced Taxis

Hiring a motorbike to get around in a place like Ubud is another thing, but what if you have to go from one side of Bali to the next destination? Or what about when you first arrive at the airport? Not all Bali taxis are Overpriced but some taxis cost more than usual.

In Bali, the Bluebird taxis are used to book taxis this is a reputable metered taxi company that is generally considered to be the most honest taxi service in Bali. They also have their own app, which you can download and use whenever you need to drive a taxi. You can hail them on the road like a regular taxi, it is just similar to Uber

To Get Around Bali

renting a bike in bali

Taxis are the most expensive transportation around here. Renting a motorcycle is the best way to get around in Bali and it is very cheap. You can rent a scooter or motorbike for 30,000-50,000 IDR that is ($3-$5 USD) a day! If you don’t feel comfortable driving yourself, you can use the GO-JEK app, It is a taxi service in Bali like UBER. For Renting a motorbike it is mandatory to have an International Driving license without a license you can’t rent a bike in Bali islands

Bali Tourist attractions Map

Going to Bali feels like going on a never-ending adventure – there are many activities to match every soul! Enjoy surfing, yoga, meditation, trekking, delicious food, and amazing nightlife. Bali’s positive areas were influenced by tourism, with lovely cafes, hip bars, and vegetarian restaurants.

While Bali is a small island and has many beautiful places to visit and things to do, so I have suggested some beautiful and famous tourist places on the map, to visit in Bali that will make your Bali Trip easy, well-planned, and budget-friendly.

Ubud, Canggu, Uluwatu and Nusa Penida Island are the some most popular destinstion in Bali. And the most famous trek of Mount Batur.

Budget Accommodation in Bali

budget accommodation in bali

Bali is one of those places where it is very cheap to book everything online before you arrive. Bali has a great cater and infrastructure for tourists and is highly connected to the internet – local business owners are well versed in using the internet to drive and facilitate tourism.

If you like the social scene then there are many hostel options in Bali! You can check out some high-rated hostel in Ubud which is very central to all the sites at WW Backpackers ‘ It will cost you around 5 USD to10 UDS for a night. Nowadays New Ubud Hostel is getting popular and being highly rated they provide a stay for just 5 USD It,s an air-conditioned bedroom with breakfast and proper lockers and it is forest-themed based, trees are all around the property.

You can go for hotels also, or find some great budget-friendly hotel by booking in a beautiful location such as Ubud, Canggu, Nusa Penida Islands, and Uluwatu, That will cost you around 10 USD to 20 USD

Meals in Bali

local and healthy food in bali

The Delicious food of Bali would make it worth a visit. Mouth-watering dishes such as Nasi Goreng (fried rice), Mai Goreng (noodles), satays, martabak pancakes, and noodle soups.

You have so many food options to try in Bali, from vegetarian to delicious Balinese dishes. And if you have the budget then I would recommend you to eat the local food as it will save you a lot of money.

Local food and street food can be as cheap as $1—a plateful of chicken, rice, and vegetables can only set you back $1.30. Warungs are local restaurants that serve food from all over Indonesia at a cheap price

Even Western-owned restaurants can be quite cheap – look for brunch cafes and Vegetarian restaurants all over the island. You can budget between 180,000 -200,000 IDR ($13 and $15) per day for food and drink.

Affordable Spa Services

Affordable Spa Services are the biggest attraction in Bali. Massage houses can be found on almost every corner offering one-hour massages for around 80,000 IDR that is around($6 USD).

Shopping prices in Bali

local market of bali

There are many markets in Bali, which are the perfect places for anyone on a tight budget to decide their shopping. You’ll need to bargain to get a good price, but shopping in Bali markets can be very cheap and a lot of fun.

You can get clothing, imitation designer goods, leather pieces, and more. T-shirts, shorts, and sunglasses can be bought for around 30,000 RP to 50,000 RP (USD 2 to USD 3.50), and small souvenirs start at just 10,000 RP (USD 0.70).

How to Explore Bali in 7 Days

  1. Day-1 Go to Ubud
  2. Day 2 – Trek to Mount Batur
  3. Day 3 – Go for Canggu
  4. Day 4 – Head to Uluwatu
  5. Day 5 – Go to Nusa Penida Island
  6. Day 6 – Explore Penida Islands
  7. Day 7 – Do Sightseeing and Shopping

How to Explore Bali in 7 Days On Budget

Day-1 Go to Ubud

para ulun danu beratan

On the very first day, your Flight will reach Bali or Ngurah Rai International Airport in Denpasar, you can explore Denpasar if you are interested in culture, temples, local activity, markets, and Indonesian food. Denpasar is not the main tourist destination you will find a lot of things cheaper here too. You can explore Denpasar in 2-3 Hours

If You are not interested in Denpasar because it is not a tourist destination at all, or you can move to Ubud, it is the main tourist attraction in Bali

The shortest airline distance to Ubud is 8.03 miles (12.92 km). The shortest route between Bali and Ubud is 34min. If you arrived in Bali at night then you can book a hostel somewhere between Ubud and Denpasar so you can rest sometimes and, head towards Ubud at next morning

After reaching Ubud You should firstly go to the most beautiful lake temple called Para Ulun Danu Batur, this temple is famous on Instagram

In Ubud, you will see a lot of crowds in its peak season, if you are planning to go to Bali in peak season then you have to ignore the crowd it’s everywhere or you can go in the offseason.

bali gate explore in budget

The Bali Gate is the most famous tourist attraction in Bali it is a perfect location for your Instagram, you have seen many posts on Instagram from this place. It just looked amazing. At these places, you will have to pay an entrance fee of $ 2 each at the temple and Bali Gate.

Day 2 – Trek to Mount Batur

mount batur trek by expresvu

One of the activities you must try in Bali is Mount Batur Trek. You can book this activity for $ 25 from here, which included transport, food, and a guide. You can be picked up from almost anywhere in Bali, so just check the place you are staying and they will help you with the cost.

The trek will start in the early morning around 4 a.m. they will pick you anywhere from Bali. You should do Breakfast before going for the trek, It is not a very difficult trek. but I can surely say that this trek gonna be full of adventures, and after the trek, you will be dropped at your hotel/hostel.

If You are a beginner in trekking and don’t know much about trekking then you should read our Trekking guide here

Day 2 After Trek – Trip To Bali’s Rice Terraces & Waterfalls

Rice terrace in Ubud

On this day visit Tegallalang Rice Terrace it is the perfect place to bring your camera, Bali’s Rice Terrace is a famous tourist attraction, I highly recommend you to come here and enjoy the natural beauty of the terrace, it is about 30 minutes ride on a motorbike to the north.

You can go to the Tukad Cepung Waterfall and Tibumana Waterfall. These two beautiful waterfalls are located around 20 to 30kms away from the city.

Accommodation Options in Ubud

You can book a hostel with WW Backpackers which is very Central to all the Sites in Ubud and they offers a night stay for just $5

Day 3 – Go for Canggu

Rice terrace at canggu travel guide

On the early morning of the third day, head towards Canggu, Canggu is one of the topmost regions and has an eight-kilometer-long coastline and extensive Rice Terraces. Canggu is a beautiful place with its boho vibe, café culture, and surfer style, it is one of the best places in Bali. It is approx 1 Hour 30 mins from Ubud to Canggu.

Have a Breakfast and Spend a lazy afternoon by enjoying the beauty of Batu Balong or Echo Beach in Canggu. If You are Adventurous then you can do some activities like Surfing in Canggu. Barwa in Canggu is good for surfers of all levels.

I recommend you to Stay 1 day here and Enjoy the Night Clubs of Canggu, at the morning wake up early and don’t forget to watch the beautiful sunrise on the beach.

You Should Visit the beautiful Rice field in Canggu

Day 4 – Head to Uluwatu

Uluwatu temple

The next day after Sunset, head to another most beautiful place Uluwatu which is approx 40 minutes ride from Canggu, Uluwatu is a relaxing place in Bali with its beautiful beaches,

In the evening, have a visit to Uluwatu Temple, You can also walk around the pathway on the edge of the cliff to see the beautiful view of the temple from on top of the sea. Tourists are not allowed to enter the temple. But you one can wait till evening to watch the daily Kecak fire dance.

A day in Uluwatu

Spend your Day on Beach and Enjoy Some Activities like Surfing, beach clubs, There are also local cafes and warungs, restaurants in hotels and some other restaurants and bars for dinner and evenings.

Day 5 – Go to Nusa Penida Island

Nusa Penida islands

On the 5th day in the Evening, go to Nusa Penida islands it is a small and beautiful Island in Bali. Penida Island is approx 30 minutes ride by boat from Bali you can do lots of activities here and can be explore fully on 2 Days trip, Most of the tourist do the day trip of Penida Island But I would recommend you to stay here for 2 days if you love Nature and beautiful Beaches

Watch the beautiful Sunset at Kelingking Secret Point Beach in Penida Islands, Have dinner, and do rest at Night because the next day in Nusa Penida island Is going to be adventurous.

Day 6 – Explore Penida Islands

Nusa Penida Islands explore by eexpresvu

On this day you are going to explore Penida Islands, There are many things to do and explore in the Penida islands. In the morning don’t forget to watch the Beautiful Sunrise beside the coast

  • Go for Crystal Bay and experience the Snorkeling this will cost you around $10,
  • Dip at BilaBong
  • Relax at Atuh Beach
  • Visit Seganing Waterfall

Visit the unmatched beauty of Kelinking Beach and experience the beautiful Sunset, Definitely, it is one of the best sunset spots on Penida Islands, and Kellingking Secret Point Beach has a unique angle

Day 7 – Do Sightseeing and Shopping

This day is going to be the last day of your Bali trip. Get back to Denpasar after experiencing the beautiful Sunset in Penida Islands.

I will recommend you to do sightseeing of temples because Bali has lot’s of temples

There is a lot of things to see in Denpasar. Denpasar is rich in culture, temples, local activity, markets, and Indonesian food. Denpasar is best for shopping will find lots of things cheaper here.

Now, you have explored almost 70% of Bali in Budget and you are ready to take a return flight

Tips for your First Trip To Bali

While Bali is an easy destination to get around but you still need to keep an eye on your budget. It’s easy to spend more than you’d expect at restaurants and beach clubs.

Don’t drink tap water in Bali. Many tourists experience “Bali belly” (severe stomach problems and indigestion) when traveling to Bali, so it is best to avoid any impure food or water.

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