Best Trekking Guide For Beginners 2024

best trekking guide for beginners

Trekking Guide

So, everyone’s mind is thrilled and it seems to be looking for an activity that is challenging and exciting that calms the mind.

You hopped here that means you are quite interested In treks. Trekking is a fun activity that you can choose to explore some thrill and adventure.

You might be thinking that trekking is difficult because you have to walk or trek from one starting from one place to the end for a few days.

But it is not as difficult or complicated as you think as a beginner, in fact, it is quite interesting and easy.

“In every walk with nature, one received far more than he seeks.”

– John Muir

This activity lets you test your physical and mental abilities by facing the challenges that come your way during your adventurous journey.

While doing trekking you can explore the hills, natural habitat, visit the wildlife to reach the peaks, observe the wildlife and also observe the flora and fauna on your way!

And now if you are the person deciding to go trekking, we are here to guide you with the best possible aspect you think and will make your trip enjoyable, memorable, and full of excitement. As the title says it will be your “best trekking guide for beginners”. Ever .. so let’s dig in!

Easy Steps for Beginners to follow during trekking, Trekking Guide.

Choose your destination

Now! When you have finally decided to go out for An Adventure, the first step is to choose your desired place for it. If you are a beginner I will suggest you choose a location near your home that is less difficult like, some local Hilly areas, some fields & forest-related areas, etc.(You can also plan a day trek to some historical places near your home)

Don’t choose a difficult one directly, get your groove slowly, slightly build your strength and prepare yourself to go for higher. Please be in research mode during finding your desired trek location, Try to collect each n every information regarding that particular place. Search in various websites, note down the imp points in plan book like how the place is in safety measures, distance from the city, weather conditions, etc.

You can choose some best-desired places from here

2. Duration of Trek

The second step  is very interesting when you go for trek you have to choose the duration of the trek,

Start only by deciding how much time you want to spend and enjoy there, It can like 1 Day, 2 Day or more depending upon your Caliber & the area you are Exploring.

Explore Everything about that location like after how much time you will return, or for how long you are going to stay there at Night.

Please be wise and realistic in your approach while choosing the duration because it depends upon your caliber and health factor.

3. Check the weather

The third important step is very important, Trekking is a safe Activity, But when the weather conditions are Harsh and rough there it could be Quite Dangerous.

Because during your trek you may have to cross a river, climb Terrain, descend or ascend the hill, etc, so It is quite necessary to check the Weather condition prior your journey to the desired place.

I personally advise you not to go for Trek if the weather conditions are not suitable and scabrous especially during rainfall, Landslides & Heavy Snowfall.

4. Health & Fitness.

The fourth step is to check your fitness level as this is a very important factor when you decide to go for Trekking then you must be Healthy & Fit, make an Honest review of Yourself & listen to your Inner Soul that you can do that or not.

Because trekking requires a lot of physical & mental work. Also, when you Trek (Especially on long treks & hilly areas) there is no mode of transport available, neither any sort of Health facilities, So please be realistic in this approach.

And when you decide to go out trekking you should always note down your pre-existing medical history  & don’t forget to visit your Healthcare, make Consultations & carry the Prescription Medicine along with you.

If you feel any sort of fear & anxiety or feel that you can’t do it, leave it immediately & choose an easy and simple trekking destination.

5. Preparation And Practice | How to Prepare for Trekking?

“Practice Makes a Man Perfect” You will be wondering that why I use this Phrase here, This is true that Trekking is Adventures but whenever you choose any Activity to do, you have to prepare for that beforehand.

You cannot go straight into it and be successful. To be franker Trekking needs lots of Stamina, Strength & Fitness levels, To achieve this the fifth step is to make yourself confident, you will need some Training & Preparation.

When you start Trekking you have to walk long distances while holding a Backpack (Weight) To make it in practice, I will suggest you go walk with a backpack and & test your stamina, Practice by wearing a day pack while climbing up  Inclines & Steep descends and test yourself.

You will face different weather conditions there so try to get in that Environment, Mostly Trekking is in Hilly areas, make an honest review and judge yourself that how you can survive there.

So to make yourself suitable and fit for that environment try that in your home, like if you plan a trek to hilly and colder areas try bathing from cold water(not that much cold to make you ill)

And when you plan for hot and torrid zone areas and wanna experience some calefaction then practicing walking and climbing during day time will help you a lot.

Please be aware and alert about the trek/hike destination you choose, as it directly depends on your physical and mental fitness. Always make sure that you have read and searched the information about that particular place, avoiding this can let you face problems. Choosing and researching the right destination will help you and make your trip entertaining and amusing

BONUS TIP:-Have some talk with trekkers/travelers on Social Media.

Learning from others is always helpful in many ways, you can also look for some famous trekkers and travelers on social media or their website & interact with them, learn from their experiences, ask your questions with them, this will help you there during your journey…

Have a trekking guide with you

As you are a beginner and when you go to a new location, you don’t know much about that place and you have no knowledge about the difficulties & dangers you can experience there, especially when you trek on hilly areas as weather conditions are unpredictable there.

As “two heads are better than one”, I always recommend you to take a local guide with you as they are experienced and well known to that area and are trained to help you out from any situations you can face during your adventures journey.

You also get mental and human support when you trek with a guide, never go on solo trips, And make sure when you hire a guide, you should do proper research and hire from a trusted traveling company…

Frequently Asked Questions During Trekking Guide.

Q1.How to maintain hygiene during trekking?

This is a very normal question that arises in everyone’s mind before you start any journey. You can manage your hygiene and make yourself clean when you go to your’s relatives’ home. But things are different you are going trekking.

As you are out from your home during the trek, you have to compromise with your cleanness because you will be residing a night in your camp, you will not get any bathroom, therefore you have no facility of toilet or bath.

You have to poo outside besides rocks 🙂 also, you have to be there without a bath for a couple of days. But don’t get tensed still you can make yourself clean by reading some points below

  1. Always carry wet wipes with you and when you feel dirty clean your body with them. This will help your skin to stay hydrated.
  2. If you a girl then make sure you carry the best sanitary napkins with you, as they will help you during your periods.
  3. Water is precious, so always carry a mouth wash to avoid the foul smell from the mouth, this will also save water.
  4. Always rinse your clothes when you go inside your camp, as wet clothes lead to fungal infections and other skin problems including smell.
  5. Always keep your basic cleaning kit like sanitizer (This will also help you light up fire quickly as it is made up of alcohol) Soap, hair cleaners, etc.
  6. Make sure you wipe your body with a sponge and make it dry before you go into your sleeping bags.

Q2. What should I wear during trekking?

When you plan to go out from home you always think that what you should wear so you can protect yourself from cold and heat as well look cool and smart right? But going for trekking is a different type of journey. so the answer to this question depends on the location you have chosen for your trekking.

As clothing is a very important factor you should choose wisely depending on the climatic conditions you are going to face.

1. Cloths for Colder Areas During Trekking

  1. Full sleeves light-weighted Jacket or puffy Jacket. ( Polyester or rayon) that can be compressed to fit into your backpack, and the same goes with your fleece pants.
  2. I will not recommend any cotton fabric because it is difficult to dry & absorbs water That makes you uncomfortable.
  3.  A woolen Cap to protect yourself from dry winds and cold.

2. Clothes for Hot and Dry Areas During Trekking

  1. Full sleeves cotton cloths will be best suitable here,
  2. Also, wear  UV protector sunglasses to protect your eyes from UV radiation.
  3. A good light round cap that will protect your head from direct exposure to sunlight

7 Golden rules for trekking.

Someone has said that when you go trekking “You should only leave your footstep behind” Nothing else. 

So while you are on trek or planning for that make sure you must follow some golden trekking rules so that you can enjoy without making disturbances to others, because you are not the only one at that place, you are in the palm of nature so you should always keep in mind that you are not making trouble to anyone there like animals or environment.

So here are the tips to follow during trekking…

  1. Please don’t litter any sort of garbage, make sure where your camp doesn’t leave your leftovers like plastic bottles, used wipes, napkins, packing polythenes, etc, because these are nonbiodegradable things and will lead to degradation of environment there and also it will be dangerous to wildlife if exposed.
  2. Please don’t pollute the natural water sources like rivers, lakes, etc with your soap, shampoo, etc doing so will contaminate them making water hazardous.
  3. When you are doing trekking, you are in Nap of nature, so always ensure that you will maintain discipline and will not harm any natural resources or wildlife. Enjoy yourself without making any sort of disturbances to others.
  4. Don’t use a loudspeaker, As it will be disturbing for wildlife and other people who came there. you are here to discover inner peace, I remember a famous quote “Let’s wander where WiFi is weak”. So make sure you are here to enjoy Nature’s beauty not for making your digital appearance.
  5. When you lit up a campfire for making food or making yourself warm, please do it cautiously, always be aware & choose a separate place for it. If anything wrong happens then it would result in the biggest flaw like forest fires.
  6. When you go for potty, First dig a hole then do it and after making yourself fresh please cover that with soil. This is the best poop management way.
  7. When you for sleep in your camp, put off the campfire. If there is fear of wild animals make sure that the fire is completely isolated from other woods or grass.

“So these are some best golden rules you should follow during trekking,m so you can enjoy yourself there without making trouble to anyone.”

Things to carry during trekking

1. Paperwork

  1.  Take a copy of each of your IP,s important documents in various places in your backpack as well as your wallet.
  2. Offline Maps of the targeted location you are trekking.
  3. Contact list, who can be contacted in an Emergency.

2. Backpack

This is very important because it stores all your necessary things while you trek. Make sure to choose good quality weather-resistant backpack of almost 90+ liter of capacity to store, also it is comfortable for you to take with (Here are some best you can choose)

Your gadget pack – Along with a backpack you should crazy a gadget pack that can store your, camera, phone, torch, etc.

Night stay kit – sleep is very important during trekking  & When you camp at night you need camp at night.

  1.  Sleeping camp – Choose a very handy Convertable camp having space for two people
  2. Sleeping Bag – Nights outside are cold you need a sleeping bag for your comfortable & warm sleep
  3. Sleeping Pad – This is not much necessary but this help in cold wet destinations, choose an inflatable sleeping pad to sleep
  4. Inflatable Pillow – To add more comfort to your sleep don’t forget to take an inflatable pillow. It will give you good support and good quality sleep.

3. First aid kit

when you go out trekking you are more exposed to injuries & health Problems, so make your Personalized First Aid Kit to help you when needed.

4. Food & Kitchen 

While Trekking food is very important because you need a lot of calories & Energy for trekking that’s Why you need to add some Items in Your Backpack, so during stoppage you can make your food.

  1. Water Bottle wIth Filter – Water is a very necessary Item because you need to stay hydrated every time so, make sure you carry a 2-liter water bottle along with a filter so, you can also use the water available there. (you can choose some best water bottom from hire)
  2.  Cooking stove- This is very important, so you can make your tea, coffee, food on the go during the trek. I will recommend a compact gas stove which can fit in your backpack easily and save space. ( click here to look at some best trekking gas stove)
  3. Readymade packed food:- Always keep instant ready-to-eat food packets in your bag, so you only need to warm it and Eat. Some of them are like..
  • 1.MTR Food packets.
  • 2. Jam, Bread, peanut butter, etc.

5. Snacks

You can also carry some snacks to eat which can boost your Energy immediately like Energy drinks, toffee, chocolate, etc..

6. Utensils made for trekking

Always carry compact utensils so you can save space in your backpack, You can have a look here for the best trekking utensils.

7. Firestarter kit

Carry with you a matchbox, lighter, kerosene oil, etc that will be necessary for lighting up the campfire.

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