NAINITAL: The Fascinating Lake Town of Uttarakhand Travel Guide (India) 2024

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NAINITAL which is a paradise for every nature lover. A city which is enveloped with hilly mountains, which enhances its beauty as a cherry on the cake with its beautiful lake called as “Naini Lake” located at the centre of the city surrounded with those skyscrapers like mountains which offers a mesmerizing experience for the tourists & visitors. Many people barely know that Nainital city also referred as “Himalayan Resort Town of Uttarakhand”.

Nainital Overview

Best Time to visit Nainital

If you are planning to feel tourism of Nainital, the best time to visit there in between February to May, the spring & the summer time in India. The temperature during these months can be somewhere between 7°C and 27°C.

If you are hoping to see snowfall, you could visit from October to January, when mountains are covered in a white blanket.
The cheapest season to visit Nainital is between June and September when the place observes rainfall.

* Recommended Stay:
Min 2 Days / Max 3 Days

* Temperature: 7⁰ to 27⁰C (In Between Feb to May)

* Highlight: Hill Station, Lake, Picnic Spot, Himalayan View, Shopping centers, camping, trekking etc.

How to reach Nainital?

* Nearest Railway Station:
Kathgodam, 41KM

* Nearest Airport:
Pantnagar, 72KM

* Bus Transportation Facility Available.
* By your own  conveyance

Famous Places to visit in Nainital

1. Naini Lake

Nainital lake view nainital travel guide expresvu

Nainital Lake famously known as Naini Lake which is surrounded by multiple hills. This lake is also called as Heart of Nainital. The lake offers multiple opportunities to the visitors in terms of boating, yachting, paddling. Tourists can explore the lake within 2 hours.

Your visit to Nainital Lake will be incomplete if you do not try out the famous boat rides. The activity will give you a picturesque view of the Lake & its surroundings and an opportunity to click great pictures.

Entry Fee:
The price of boating in the lake is around 210 INR (for 30 Minutes)

Visiting Time:
6AM To 6PM (Daily)

 Natural water body, boating, water sports, photography and sightseeing.

2. Naini Peak

nainital peak | nainital travel guide

Naini Peak is highest hill top and one of the the famous tourist spots in Nainital.

Naini Peak offers the splendid Bird’s eye view of the Nainital town & one can witness the beauty of Himalayas with closeness.

One can reach Naini Peak by trek or on horses which will easily get available from the Mall Road. Naini Peak also offers a view of Naini Lake in the shape like a Mango from its centered top.

Entry Fee:
Free of Cost.

Visiting Time:
Opens for 24 Hours X 7 Days

Bird’s eye view of the Nainital town

3. Lover’s Point

lovers point Nainital travel guide

Lovers Point is nearby viewpoint in Nainital which is famous for the scenic views it provides. The Lovers Point is genuinely romantic and extremely appreciated by couples in love liked and frequented by tourists because of its beauty and height.

Entry Fee:
Free of Cost

Visiting Time:

9AM To 5PM (Daily)

Famous among Couples.

4. Khurpatal Lake

khurpatal lake nainital travel guide

12 Kilometers from Nainital town, a peaceful gateway close to the city, Khurpatal is the most fascinating place to visit in Nainital. The area is majorly famous for its emerald blue-green lake, the Khurpatal Lake surrounded by majestic pine trees and dense greenery, this offbeat location is a paradise for nature lovers as well as photography enthusiasts.

Entry Fee:
Free of Cost

Visiting Time:
Opens for 24 Hours X 7Days

Emerald blue-green Khurpatal lake, greenery, pine trees, and landscape.

5. Snow View Point

snow view Himalayas Nainital travel guide

Snow View Point is the most loved & visited tourists spot by the people in Nainital. The most visiting sightseeing place in Nainital.

The 2,270 m high altitude makes this destination a gateway to the snowy valleys and mountains of the Great Himalayas. At the top of the Snow View Point, a huge pair of binoculars is installed, allowing tourists to have a closer look at the snow-covered peaks of the Great Himalayas.

There are several stalls & cafes situated here so that people can seat themselves on the benches laid around & can enjoy the cherish environment.

Entry Fee:
You can witness the beauty Snow View Point offers without any entry fees. However, you will have to pay for reaching there (via cab or ropeway).

Visiting Time:
10AM To 5PM (Closed on Saturday)

Best Season to visit:
Snow view point offers the best view during the summer from mid-March.

The clear blue skies and pleasantly cold temperature ranging between 10 degrees to 27 degrees create the perfect aura to explore this fascinating place & the Great Himalayas.

The sky remains clear most of the time, even in the winter season, giving an equally spectacular view of the peaks. Temperatures may be cold during the winter months at the beginning of September. Temperatures typically range between 0 degrees to 15 degrees. It is best to avoid visiting this place during the monsoon in the months of June to September as there is always a risk of landslides and also the clouds obstruct the view of the icy peaks.

Other Places to visit & explore in Nainital

1. Eco – Cave Garden

A cluster of natural caves transformed into a cave garden. Also called as A.C. Cave by the local people of Nainital.

Entry Fee:
INR 60 for adults, INR 25 for children, INR 25 for camera

Visiting Time:
10AM To 4:30PM (Daily)

2. Nainital Ropeway

 The aerial ropeway takes you from Mallital, near Mall Road, to Snow View Point from cable car which offers one of the most astonishing views in Nainital.

INR300 return for Adults, INR 200 return for children aged 3 to 12

Visiting Time:
10AM To 4PM (Daily)

3. The Mall Road

Mall Road has a number of hotels, travel agencies, banks, showrooms, departmental stores, shops, restaurants and cafes. You will find some of the best hotels and restaurants of Nainital located on the Mall Road. It is one of the busiest and crowded place during the day & evening time.

4. G.B. Pant High Altitude Zoo


Fauna at the G.B. Pant High Altitude Nainital Zoo
This high altitude zoo is located at an height of 2100 metres which makes this zoo a favourable place for many animals and birds.

Home to numerous endangered and rare species of birds and animals, the zoo allows you to spot Royal Bengal Tigers, Tibetan Wolves, Barking Deer, Japanese Macaque, The Himalayan Bear etc.

The zoo also has various birds such as the Golden Pheasant, Rose-ringed Parakeet, Kalij Pheasant, Lady Amherst Pheasant, Steppie Eagle, Hill Partridge, White Peafowl, Blossom Headed Parakeet and Red Junglefowl.

Entry Fee:
INR 50 per person for Adults (Between 13 Years – 60 Years)
INR 20 per person for Children (Between 5 Years – 12 Years)
INR 25 for Still Camera
INR 200 for Professional Video Camera

Visiting Time:
1OAM To 4:30PM (Monday Closed

Religious Places to visit & explore in Nainital

1. Naina Devi Temple

naina devi mandir nainital travel

A well-known Shakti Peeths of Hindu religion, Naini Devi Temple is a sacred place of great devotion in Nainital.

The temple is situated atop Naina hill near Naini Lake and attracts thousands of devotees every year. There are many shops near the Naina Devi temple from where prasad and offerings of puja can be purchased.

Visiting Time:
6 AM To 10 PM (Daily)

2. Hanuman Garh

hanuman garh nainital


At a distance of about 3 kilometers from the center of Nainital, the temple is dedicated to the Hindu deity, Lord Hanuman, the god of strength and energy, who is often considered to be an incarnation of Lord Shiva.

The temple is especially busy on Tuesdays and Saturdays as these two days of the week are dedicated to Lord Hanuman.

Visiting Time:
5 AM To 12 PM
4 PM To 9 PM
(Both On a Shift, All 7 Days)

3. Jama Masjid


At a distance of 3 km from Nainital Bus Station, Jama Masjid is a wonderful mosque located on the Mall Road, Nainital, Uttarakhand near the Nainital Cricket Stadium, it is one of the best places to visit in Nainital.

This mosque is mainly highlighted for its architecture and Arabic inscriptions on the main entrance, but the most notable features of this place are the mihrab, a part of which shows the direction to Mecca.

Visiting Time:
6 AM to 8 PM (Daily)

4. St. John’s Church

Also known as St John’s the Wilderness, is a breath taking church constructed in the 1800s. The church was build in Neo Gothic style & having amidst pine and deodar trees on the hilltop. The church is also famous for its stained-glass windows.

Visiting Time:
7AM To 6:30PM (Daily)

Shopping centers to visit & explore in Nainital

1. The Mall Road Market

mall road Nainital travel guide

Mall Road has a number of hotels, travel agencies, banks, showrooms, departmental stores, shops, restaurants, and cafes. You will find some of the best hotels and restaurants in Nainital located on Mall Road. It is one of the busiest and crowded places during the daytime.

The Mall Road market offers items like fruits, woolen items, uniquely designed candles, Bamboo fabric products, Handcrafted gifts, etc.

2. Tibetan Market & Bhootia Market

Tibetan Market is well known as Shop Alcoholics Paradise! of Nainital.

One can purchase woolen & summer clothing wears at an affordable range. Great place to do some budget shopping. Staffs are good and of decent quality.

There are many restaurants which are selling food items at an affordable range and are hot favorites with tourists. You should have few hours to explore the place.

Both Tibetan Market and Bhootia Market are adjoining each other. These are the cheapest & affordable markets in Nainital.

Visiting Time:
9:30 AM To 9 PM (Daily)

Gadgets to carry while travelling Nainital

1. Portable Mobile Power Banks.
2. Mobile Phone, Mobile Charger & USB Cables.
3. Laptop & Charger
4. Pen Drive or Hard Disk
5. Multiplug Adapter
6. Basic LED Torch
7. DSLR Camera & Charger
(For Photography & Videography)
8. One or Two Extra Local / Original DSLR Batteries
9. Swiss Army Knife
(Includes knife, tweezers, scissors, wire stripper, and a multi-purpose hook)
10. Headphone or Earphone(Wired or Wireless)
11. Kindle Tablet(Generally for book lovers, who love to read online books while travelling)

Essential Things to pack in your Travel Backpack for Nainital

1. Genuine ID Card for identification
2. Basic First Aid Kit Pouch with medicines / painkillers / antiseptics & bandages.
3. Any paperwork you may need.
4. Suns cream
5. Sufficient Currency

Clothing that should wear in Nainital seasonally

1. February to May

Wear loose clothes that are ideal for summers and spring. Low-light weighted sweaters & jackets should also be there in your backpack.

2. June to September

If you are travelling between June to September, you are likely to witness rainfall so it is advised to pack accordingly.

3. October to January

It is advisable to carry woolen clothes during wintertime as the temperature is down to zero degrees especially in December end. During this season the region is likely to witness freezing temperatures and snowfall as well.

How to explore Nainital?

1. Two – Wheeler Rental Service Available.
2. Car Rental Service Available.
3. Horse Rental Service Available.
4. You can book a local travel guide for a full day, as they will help you to explore the complete city via their own vehicle.

Beware of Scams & Fraud Tourist Guides

As per our trip experience, if you are visiting for the first time in Nainital we would like to suggest you beware of few hotel booking services as they are totally scams and they charge very high price & offers you very cheap & dull services as per the money you pay. Similarly there you will find also a couple of fraud local tour guides that will make charge money from you at a very high price point & could hardly make you help out to explore the complete Nainital city.

We would happy to share with you some of genuine contacts which we had hired as our tourist guides & staying spot.

Hotel Prashant
Address: Tallital, Nainital, Uttarakhand
Contact Number: 05942-235347

Local Tourist Guides of Nainital

1. Riyasat Ali
Contact Number: 9758046193

2. Saalim Ali
Contact Number: 9997716472

3. Danish
(Boating Guide, for exploring Naini Lake)
Contact Number: 9639102026

Expected Expenses for the Nainital Trip

INR 10 Thousands to INR 20 Thousands approximately for 2 days.
(Depends upon number of persons maximum 5)

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