Top 6 Dreamy Trekking Places in Madhya Pradesh

Trekking Places in Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh is India’s 2nd largest state. Madhya Pradesh lies over a transitional area between the Indo – Gangetic Plain in the north and the Deccan plateau in the south. Its physiography is characterized by low hills, extensive plateaus & river valleys. That’s why this state offers a lot of regions for trekking & other adventurous activities. Here are 6 Trekking Places in Madhya Pradesh that are considered the best among them all.

But before you jump ahead on Trekking Places in Madhya Pradesh we recommend you to first read our trekking guide, if you are the one who has no or little experience in trekking. Now, let’s dig into the topic.

1.Mhow (Jam Gate, Indore)

Mhow (Indore) | Trekking Places in Madhya Pradesh
Mhow (Indore)

Indore is a city that houses both natural & man-made wonders when it comes to exploring something important. One such worth visiting a place nearby from the city is Jam Gate (Mhow).

This place is located 56KM from Indore city, India.

This area offers visitors a scenic trek which is loaded with dense forests that are filled with wonders of wildlife. The view keeps getting better & beautiful as you start gaining height towards the gate, making for a number of great dream picturization visuals. The complete place gives you a view of a valley & plains. Forest trekking is a lot famous among the visitors for exploring

Visiting Location:- Click Here.

2.Patalpani Pahaadi & Waterfall (Indore)

Patalpani (Indore) | Trekking Places in Madhya Pradesh
Patalpani (Indore)

Patalpani Mountain & Waterfall is the best place to visit in Indore especially in the rainy season.

This place is located 32KM from Indore city, India.

A very good trekking & picnic spot. Only one thing you take care of is the Patalpani Waterfall which is only active in the monsoon season. But also during the monsoon season, this place becomes quite dangerous yet beautiful but a little bit of risky to visit, many incidents were held during the past, also it is remarked as a suicide point from the local residents of Indore city. The force of the waterfall’s water is low but no one can ever say when it gets high. People can visit this place at their own risk by not neglecting some previous past incidents.

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3.Chidiya Bhadak Fall & Trek (Indore)

Chidiya Bhadhak Fall houses many small hills & forest areas that lead to being the most beautiful sights to see in the region of the Indore city and declared as the most opted trekking & hiking spot among the visitors. It is covered with lush greenery & also has a steamy waterfall present in the surrounding that creates beautiful scenery which is worth to capture, both in your cameras & memories.

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trekking places in madhya pradesh
Chidiya Bhadak (Indore)

4.Nagda Hill Wind Turbine Windmill Farm (Dewas – Indore Border)

Dewas Windmill Farms | Trekking Places in Madhya Pradesh
Dewas Windmill Farms

This windmill farm is situated on Nagda Hill in between Dewas – Indore Border. This windmill farm can clearly get visible from the outer side of the Indore city as you come closer to the Dewas border via the national highway that connects Indore & Bhopal together.

These windmills are situated at a very high peak from the earth’s ground surface in Nagda Hill. You can trek to the top of the hill & can explore & witness these humongous & giant turbine windmills that will add a lifetime experience in your life for sure.

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5.Bhedhaghat (Jabalpur)

Bedaghat, jabalpur, trekking places in madhya pradesh
Bhedhaghat (Jabalpur)

Bhedhaghat is a small town in Jabalpur City situated around 25Km far from the city. Its most famous sights are the Dhaundhar Waterfall, Marble Rocks & Chaunsath Yogini Temple which is dedicated to Goddess Durga and is among the sacred places to see in Jabalpur.
The Bhedhaghat is famous for its striking marble rocks which are 100 feet high & located on either side of River Narmada. That’s why Bhedhaghat is counted as the most loved trekking spot among the trekkers while exploring the Madhya Pradesh State.

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Maihar | Trekking Places in Madhya Pradesh

Maihar is a holy place & small town in the state of Madhya Pradesh which is surrounded by the dense green mountains of average heights which are considered to be the best-opted trekking spots for beginners.

While visiting Maihar you can trek to the Maa Sharda Devi Temple which is situated on the high of a mountain peak.

Maihar is also covered with dense forests, beautiful lakes that should be the priority among the trekkers while exploring this place.

Visiting Location:- Click Here.

Hope you have learned about Trekking Places in Madhya Pradesh, if you like to know about more traveling destinations in Madhya Pradesh Just Hit Here

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