Top Places to visit in Chandauli, Uttar Pradesh (2024) Travel Guide

places to visit in chandauli

Chandauli is a small town in Chandauli district in the state of Uttar
Pradesh, India, Asia. It is situated around 50KM far from Varanasi
city, It has some of the magnificent places to visit in Chandauli district.

How to visit Chandauli?

Chandauli can be visited through its nearest city Varanasi as Varanasi
is connected all over India through the Railway network (Varanasi
Junction) or by air through Varanasi International Airport. There are
multiple buses & taxi services are available from Varanasi to Chandauli.
Also, people can visit Chandauli directly from its local railway
station Chandauli Majhwar Railway Station or from its nearest
railway station i.e. Mughalsarai Railway Junction.
Chandauli is well connected with better road transport via Varanasi
main city.

places to visit in chandauli

Places to visit in Chandauli

  1. Rajdari & Devdari Waterfalls
  2. Chandraprabha Dam
  3. Chandraprabha Mountains
  4. Chandraprabha Wildlife Sanctuary

Rajdari & Devdari Waterfalls

rajdari waterfalls

The Rajdari & Devdari waterfalls are found near the Chandraprabha
Wildlife Sanctuary, in the Chandauli District, Uttar Pradesh, India,
Asia, and it is one of the popular places to visit in chandauli.

These waterfalls are situated approximately 30 KM far from the main
Varanasi city of Uttar Pradesh state, India.
The crystal clear waters, gurgling over the rocks present a
breathtaking sight. The scenic, tranquil surroundings lend a sense of
mysticism to the experience.

The flow of waterfalls is quite impressive & feels cold at the same

Rajdari Waterfall is a bigger & giant waterfall in comparison to the
Devdari waterfall consists of a high-speed flow of water bending.
While the Devdari waterfall is situated on the right side 2KM far from
the Rajdari Waterfall. This is a small waterfall & doesn’t have such
a high quantity of water bending.
However, still, the Devdari Waterfall yet seems to be quite beautiful
waterfall in terms of scenic experience for visitors.
One must should put this thing in their mind that never – ever visit
this place in weekend times. Try to visit this place in between
Monday to Friday. As during holidays or weekends, this place becomes
so much crowded & dirty too & too much rush everywhere.

There are a lot of adventurous activities held on these waterfalls like
swimming, camping, trekking, cooking, etc.
A noticeable canteen & restaurant is also present in the near of both
the waterfalls.

Best time to visit:
June to September during Indian monsoon season.

Entry Fee:
Free of cost, however parking fee for 2 wheelers is Rupees 30 INR &
for 4 wheelers is Rupees 50 INR.

Chandraprabha Dam

Chandraprabha Dam

Chandraprabha Dam is situated in the area of Chandraprabha
Wildlife Sanctuary near Rajdari & Devdari Waterfalls, Chandauli,
Uttar Pradesh, India, Asia.
The Dam is situated on the left side of both the waterfalls.
The Dam is also called as Wat Land Dam of Chandauli.

The Dam is situated on the Chandraprabha River that control it’s
water flow.
The rear end area of the Dam gives you the full scenic view of
Chandraprabha River covered with mountains, while the front end
area is the main section of the Dam.

People can explore the whole Dam by going downside as there are
stares on both the left & right hand side of the Dam.

Best time to visit:
June to September during Indian monsoon season.

Entry & Parking Fee:
Free of cost.

Chandraprabha Mountains

Chandraprabha Mountains

Chandraprabha Mountains have well covered the complete
Chandauli district in its surrounding. These mountains are well
greened & people can do trekking in these to reach on the top.
Many mountains have well built natural footpaths as the easiness for
the pedestrians. The roads are well built & wide curved in these
mountains. The weather is also remains quite chilled in these
mountains. During evening you might feel cold in between these
mountains. The best season to visit in these mountains are the
monsoon season in between month of June to September & yes
there is not any kind of landslide occurs in this area.

Accommodation in Chandauli

In Chandauli main district, hotel & room service giant like OYO Hotels
are available but there are in a very limited quantity. However the
truth is also that on the hilly places of Chandauli which is the main
tourism site of this area doesn’t have any such hotel or lounge
facility available for the accommodation. Gas or Fuel Stations &
internet facilities are also not available in the tourism sites of
Chandauli i.e. hilly places as this is Naxalite area so the jammer is
active 24X7. So try to make your vehicle’s tank full from Varanasi or
from the main Chandauli district.

In context of accommodation the best option is to stay on Varanasi
main city & you can do up – down to Chandauli in a same as it is only
60KM from Varanasi city.

Also visitors can stay on the Rajdari & Devdari waterfalls in night by
putting camps on there.

Travel Precautions

Everyone knows or those who didn’t they should kept one thing in
mind that Chandauli specially Chandraprabha Hill station is a Naxalite
area so never – ever do solo travelling or a solo trip in this particular
region. Always avoid solo travelling specially female community in
the whole Chandauli district. Try to explore this place with a bunch of
people like groups of friends or family. Also do not stay in night in
the mountains for camping or for trekking it could be a risky concern.
However the local police is quite active in this particular region all

the time & keep patrolling everywhere so it’s a good sign of safety
prevention. There is also a big police station in front of the Rajdari &
Devdari Waterfalls & cops are very humble with visitors.

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